We are a fresh Romanian brand with a passion for knitwear.

In a fast-forward universe, we strive to create timeless pieces of clothing in a slow fashion cycle. We work exclusively with Eastern European manufacturers and we have carefully selected the finest Italian yarns of cashmere, extra fine merino wool, Peruvian alpaca, silk and pima cotton.

As these perfect strands of yarn intertwine, the essence of our knitwear is revealed in a very simple formula: each Never Oblivion piece is perfectly made in Romania with exquisite Italian yarns.


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Special prices for our clients

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Purple Days, the translation of Black Friday in Never Oblivion language.
It’s time for inspired combinations with low budgets.

Any sweater made of merino wool, alpaca or cashmere-merino wool, will have attached a valuable bonus as a huge scarve made of beech wood fiber, jaquard model, with an inspiring quote “Love is the essence”

We love harmony and therefore we have created for our wonderful clients three combos named Happy Blue, Happy Beige or Happy Dark Blue, at a surprising price, just 499 RON, because they deserve to be pampered in exquisite fibers of cashmere, wool, pima cotton, silk.

Check them…try them