about never oblivion


Every moment, every adventure and every feeling you’ve ever had, have made up who you are now. Never Oblivion means never forget who you are and what matters to you.

Our world reinvents itself every day and we must take on many roles in order to evolve. In an era of innovation and disruption, the dazzling number of options surrounding us, can be overwhelming.

If our choices are an extension of our personality, how can we face this hurricane of information without losing track of ourselves?
The answer is to put yourself first, the best role model you can choose is you, the best version of you.

The most complicated questions often have the simplest of solutions: make decisions that will be followed by a sound sleep, visit places that fascinated you as a child, keep things that bring up happy memories, wear clothes that make you feel good and don’t forget about your passions.

Never Oblivion is about passion for knitwear and the commitment to select the finest strands of yarn. Our knits interlace delicate textures, with the modern lines of millennial spirit and the eternal grace of classical style into clothing that brings pleasure to whoever wears it, anytime and anywhere.

We would also love to share our thoughts and ideas with you, please come visit our blog INSPIRATION.

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