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The cookie policy is valid as of 01 March 2019.

This policy refers to cookies and the websites operated by NeverOblivion, which is the trade name of the company Rave Disruptive SRL, registered with the Trade Registry Office attached to the Court of Bucharest with No. J40/14256/2016, Tax Number 36687402, with registered office in Bucharest, Sector 2, Str. Armoniei No. 20A, parter, camera 1, e-mail, hereinafter referred to as “NeverOblivion”.

What is a cookie? – A cookie is a small file that generally contains identifiers and website names. Whenever navigating to the website using a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.), the User can allow it or not to be installed by being stored in the computer, mobile phone or tablet used to access the Website. Cookies do not contain any software, viruses or spyware and cannot access other data stored on the User’s computer.

Use of cookies – Cookies enable recognition of User’s terminal and presentation to the User of content customized according to his/her preferences. Cookies improve User’s browsing experience and help NeverOblivion make available to the User goods and services that better meet their preferences, including for saving the confidentiality preferences on the Website, the Ordered Goods Cart, order processing and advertising for Goods offered by NeverOblivion. Cookies facilitate anonymous statistics, which help NeverOblivion understand User’s preferences during the visits to the Website for the purpose of improving the services offered.

Cookies benefit the Users, as they help NeverOblivion remember certain Website browsing options, the types of filters applied by a User for viewing certain pages, etc. Not accepting a cookie does not mean that the User will be denied the access to the Website and its content.

Types of cookies used:

  • Session cookies – temporary files that remain on the terminal of the User until the end of the browsing session or until the application (web browser) is closed.
  • Persistent cookies – files that remain on the terminal of the User for a predefined period or until they are expressly deleted by the User.

Cookie use modalities: The following types of cookies may be placed upon accessing the Website:

  1. Website performance cookies;
  2. Visitor analysis cookies;
  3. Registration cookies;
  4. Advertising cookies;
  5. Cookies from advertisers.

The User agrees to the use of cookies by NeverOblivion fur purposes including, but not limited to:

  1. Adapting the content of the Website or of other websites owned by third parties to the preferences of the User;
  2. Offers adapted to User’s interests;
  3. Saving the authentication details (user name and password);
  4. Providing advertisements that are relevant to the User;
  5. Measurement, optimization and analytics features, e.g. confirmation of a certain traffic level on a website and of the type of content viewed.

Cookies that are not technically mandatory to be stored on the User’s terminal will be used only if the User expressly and unequivocally consents to such use. By accepting the Website’s terms and Conditions, the User expressly and unequivocally agrees also to the use of such cookies. The User may withdraw his/her consent at any time by changing the settings of the browser used to access the Website.

Data contained by cookies – In general, cookies do not identify the User of the Website directly, but only the terminal used to access certain websites. These data are encrypted to prevent the access of any unauthorized third party.

Saving and deleting cookies – In general, the browsers used to access the Website (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) allow for cookies to be saved on User’s terminal by default. The User can change these settings.

NeverOblivion may update this Cookie Policy to reflect the changes in the types of cookies used, the purposes of using cookies, or changes caused by amendments to the applicable regulations.

You can learn how to manage cookies on your web browser by following the links:

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