5 simple tricks for avoiding seasonal wardrobe boredom

Knits, knits, knits

Everyone knows knitwear is the darling of winter. And it’s only natural!
On a cold winter’s day, a fluffy sweater is like a warm hug. So, don’t be afraid to try some knit-on-knit layering: a delicate turtleneck sweater can be wonderfully paired-up with a cardigan, and a knitted dress can be accompanied by an oversized shawl at any given time.

Seasonal sparkle

This is the time to shine! Sequins, metallic yarns or any other form of glitter – they are all the stars of this season. Knitwear made of lurex fibers or metallic fibers have a special shimmer and are extremely elegant, but they are also comfortable and have a pleasant feel. So, there’s no doubt about it: a dress or a blouse made of these shiny fibers should be your go-to-choice for any special occasion this season.

Oversized scarves

Surprisingly easy, but stunning! A sumptuous shawl is the fastest way to add elegance and mystery to any outfit. Cashmere or beechwood fiber scarves are light, delicate and have a very special look, and this is their time of the year!

Fabulous sleeves

Large, super-long, structured sleeves were everywhere in the summer of 2019, and the same goes for knitwear. Just pick out a sweater with oversized sleeves, match it up with a pair of elegant trousers or, why not, with a mini-skirt and you’ll instantly get a fabulous outfit.

Bright colors

A grey sky is not one of the best views, but the best reply to those winter greys is wearing brightly colored clothes. So, don’t shy away from color. All shades of green, red, purple and blue are trending this season. Just pick your favorite and wear it with a smile.