Beechwood textile fibers are very smooth, elastic and strong, they can be woven or knitted, and the fabric has a very soft feel, it’s light and breathable.


How are beechwood textile fibers made?


  • Beech fibers are high-quality semi-synthetic fibers, created in 1951, in Japan.
  • They come from beech trees, specifically from the cellulose extracted from beech trees. The wood fibers are pulped into liquid and then forced through very small holes, to create the textile fibers.
  • The textile fibers obtained from the beech tree are very durable, elastic and soft, they can be used in a wide array of textile fabrics, and can also be blended with other fabrics, such as cotton.


How about the wonderful qualities of beech fibers?


  • Beech fibers are smooth, and they have a special shine – so the fabric made from beech fibers is extremely delicate and has a lustrous finish.
  • They are natural fibers, so they are breathable, cool and a very good choice for delicate skin.
  • Moreover, beechwood textile fibers are light, but also moisture wicking and are quick to dry.
  • As they have a very soft feel, these fibers are often used in clothing that comes into direct contact with the skin: undergarments, pajamas, bathing suits, sportswear.
  • Because they are very elastic, beech fibers maintain their shape, so the knitted or woven fabrics are durable and resistant to shrinkage and pilling.
  • Beechwood textile fibers just absorb color! They take well to natural dyes, so there is no need to use chemical dyes, which can irritate the skin.
  • Because they are very flexible and have that special shine, the knits and weaves made from beech fibers drape very nicely, are really figure-flattering and just a pleasure to wear!




  • Beech fibers are natural fibers, so they are biodegradable and are not harmful to the environment.
  • Beech tree forests are a completely sustainable source: they regenerate quickly, with no need for human intervention, planting, irrigation or the use of fertilizers.
  • The fabric made from beech fibers is very strong, so clothing is durable as it keeps its shape and bright colors for a long time.

A beech tree can reach 35 meters in height and can live up to 300 years, it is a very resilient tree and beech wood is highly appreciated – it’s no wonder beech fibers have such amazing qualities!